Resilience and Readiness

Incident Responders have the ultimate visibility during incidents – revealing not only the adversary, but also the underlying issues in an organisations cybersecurity posture.
The insight gained from this unique perspective – across hundreds of incidents – is not only knowing attacks and how to stop them earlier in their tracks, but also what practices and solutions are critical to help protect against and respond to attacks.

Breach Readiness Assessment

Daily reports of breaches confirm that businesses cannot continue focus solely on preventing compromises. Breaches are going to occur and organisations need to be prepared for them.


In over 90% of our incident response engagements where a readiness exercise has not been performed, we find a lack of critical response capabilities and crucial evidence is missing. Resulting in:

  • inefficient remediation efforts that can continue for weeks or months, rather than hours or days – drastically increasing impact and cost.
  • an inability to investigate thoroughly to establish actions an adversary performed. Meaning having to notify regulators and clients when it may not be necessary.
  • extensive compromise compared to only a small number of systems or accounts.
  • adversaries gaining detailed knowledge of your environment, making their follow-on attacks easier.

Don’t wait until the worst possible time to discover what capabilities are needed for timely and complete remediation, or to find you don’t have the evidence available to enable a thorough investigation.


Leverage our experts’ years of experience in cybersecurity to identify the issues in your environment that hinder incident response and investigation, and increase your organisations overall ability to prevent, detect and respond to attacks.


Our assessment is a comprehensive review that within your management of assets, network, security solutions, backups, logging and credentials, as well as your Incident Response Plan and Playbooks.


We deliver each of our findings detailing the present risk and detailed recommendations for mitigation.

Contact us to assess your breach readiness and discover what crucial risks are present in your cybersecurity posture.

Threat Landscape Assessment

Each organisation has a different threat landscape. Without knowing your Threat Landscape, security controls you’re implementing are not based off another organisations Threat Landscape and are not appropriate to yours.


SiegeBrake’s experienced responders know how adversaries operate and change their tactics – having eliminated and prevented threats across hundreds of incidents.

Our Threat Landscape review determines your most likely threats, which controls are necessary to thwart them, and prioritises the most impactful game-changers.


Enable your organisation to become adaptable to threats as they change their tactics and increase in number.

SiegeBrake can also implement a strategy for minimising your Threat Landscape.

Managed Detection and Response

For the overwhelming majority of organisations, security alerts from MSSPs don’t cut it. The sheer volume of security alerts received combined with a lack of resources, manpower, in-house incident response expertise and alert fatigue – detecting any actual breaches is improbable, let alone responding in any reasonable timeframe.


Managed Detection and Response is an advanced managed security service that provides security monitoring, threat intelligence, threat hunting, incident analysis, and incident response. Using security analytics across endpoints, network, applications and user behaviour.

How to start your cybersecurity journey?

Leaders and IT in breached organsations usually believe everything was secure. It’s only when an incident occurs that gaps are discovered, which is especially true within detection and response.


Unfortunately like most, these organisations discover they were effectively applying layer after layer of sticky tape without knowing or implementing the necessary fundamentals. Resulting in exposure to long-term compromises, and the inability to remediate efficiently or investigate to any reasonable degree.


We all know the saying “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Failing to prepare for security incidents translates to a major increase in impact to service, finances and reputation once an incident occurs.

Our wholistic approach takes Governance, Prevention, Detection and Response into account. Discover what’s important and what needs to be prioritised.

Our Enablement package has been put together to arm organisations with the knowledge of what the gaps and associated risks are in their cybersecurity posture, as well as a plan to mitigate them.

Our Breach Readiness Assessment identifies and prioritises gaps in your organisations ability to respond to an incident – within Detection, Response and Governance.

A Threat Landscape Assessment determines what Active Defence controls your organisations need, which to prioritise and to become adaptable to threats.

No matter where your organisation is on it’s cybersecurity journey or if you haven’t even begun, SiegeBrake can take you on the journey, prioritising the important elements of Detection, Response, Protection and Governance.

Incident Response Plan

The success of incident response relies heavily upon early decisions made by internal teams.


Without an Incident Respone Plan most organisations cannot perform an effective response due to a lack of best practice knowledge and collaboration, and poorly defined roles, leading to panic, bad decision making and increase of impact.


An IR Plan details high-level decision-making that organisations need including:

  • Classification and Prioritisation of incidents
  • Formation of a Security Incident Response Team
  • Assessment and Escalation
  • External Communications and Media Releases
  • Third-party engagement
  • External Regulatory Notification

IR Playbooks

Playbooks provide best practice step-by-step activities to be performed for the type of incident being faced.


We tailor playbooks to your organisation that guide your team through each phase of incident response: detection, analysis, containment, eradication, recovery and post-incident handling.


Incident playbooks are available for:

  • Internal Compromise
  • Malware outbreak
  • Insider threat
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Ransomware double-extortion
  • and more
If required we can recommend the most appropriate playbooks for your organisation based on your most-likely threats.

We also facilitate tabletop and live-fire workshops to test your response plan, educate staff and test detection and response mechanisms.

Advisory Services and Education

Do you need advice on your organisations security strategy?

Experiencing issues with your current security posture?

Want to educate upper management on the current risks and mitigations?

Need an expert to present to the board?

SiegeBrake can assist. We’re also able to discuss non-standard services.

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